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services, inc. big storm that wallopped oregon and washington is on its way to the bay area. that storm caused floating and knocked down trees and power lines more on that in a moment. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. let's get to mike tracking this storm. it is not going to be nearly as bad as it was up there. we have the potential in the north bay where the bulk of rain will fall light rain through the morning. some of the higher elevations like on top of some of the mountains we've had one to two inches of rain. dry creek road north of windsor, that whole area out to fort ross up to manchester, you could see darker green starting to show up that is steadier rain moving into ukiah now that. is going to move into the
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north bay during the afternoon. the strong entertainment part of the storm is going to stay here we will get rain up to an inch in the north bay maybe an inch or two in the mountains, quarter to half inch around the bay. i'll give you a timetable, coming up. that pacific northwest area has taken a poundinging from the storm that mike says is heading our way. -- oregon and washington dealing with flash flooding, power outages and property damage from winds, rain and snow on mountain peaks. an elk hunter died when a tree snapped and fell on his tent. winds 70 miles an hour reported. this morning 6,000 homes and businesses without power down from 50,000. the weather kosmas sieve delays at sfo this morning. -- if you are trying to leave town you have to navigate the storm and the rush of travelers. katie marzullo is live at sfo
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with what to expect. >> reporter: the weather could be bad news if things start to get more backed up, more delayed especially tonight when the worst of the weather rolls in. sfo expects increase in passengers, 3% more this thanksgiving than last. that means 1.2 million people passing through between last friday and next sunday. the early bird gets the world -- get the worm and a hassle-free flight. >> that's why i'm leaving early. >>reporter: this morning at sfo security lines looked like they might at the height of the holiday. >> so far things have been steadily busy, a lot of traffic especially in the security areas. >> reporter: sheryl is part of travel website travelocity's turkey task force, employees helping people get safely and efficiently to their destination. >> i'm going to michigan.
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>> reporter: orbitz puts sfo at number three on its list of busiest airports behind chicago o'hare and l.a.x.. >> i thought it was easier than wednesday, i wish i had done sunday or monday. >> reporter: check in with your airline as possible. >> they bump people who arrive last or check-in last. you're safer not guaranteed, but safer if you take care of that before hand. >> reporter: flights are running 90% full over this thanksgiving holiday. another 90%, aaa says 90% of people traveling this thanksgiving are driving, 30 mine million on the roads. good news -- 39 million the roads. gas prices down 7 cents over the past two weeks. katie marzullo, abc7 news. breaking news, sores are reporting cal has fired head football coach.
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details will be announced today. source tells at associated press it is a done deal he's coming off his worst season in 11 years, 3-9 record. during his time he won a cal record of 82 games and share of a conference title. he's still owed nearly seven million dollars with three years left on his contract. we'll have more on and this afternoon on abc7 news at 4:00. adding to all the rain news, several water main breaks around the bay area this morning. right now in east san jose workers are trying to fix a broken line near story road and lynndale avenue customers have been without water since 8 this morning, work is blocking westbound -- lane of story road. broken main on brucester and warren water gush -- gushinging into the streets this morning.
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fire -- [ unintelligible ] >> customers in pittsburg waiting for their water to come back after a break there. the city says crews had to dig a big hole near west 11th and cutter. residents should have service back by noon. port of oakland shutdown now because of a 24 hour strike by workers with the service employees international union truckers and longshoremen can't move or -- in or out of the port. >> reporter: the arbitrator just ruled the longshoremen need to cross the line and unload containers that's why you see people at this entrance this is the longshoremens' entrance they are appealing that decision and seiu workers are trying keep this blocked. trucks up and down this road with nowhere to go. they are blocked at every
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entrance. they can't get in to unload their go aheads or pick some up, some are upset they say they would rather be working. at 6:00 this morning, seiu members blocked the gates to the port, preventing trucks from dropping off or picking up loads. many drivers are independent contractors, don't get paid unless they deliver. >> i'm not really happy, what can we do. >> it is a short week already only two days to work then we are off thursday and friday because of the holiday. so, not good. >> reporter: and you lose how much? >> about $400. >> i feel bad about that but i feed to fight for my rights i've been working here a long time and i earn my money. >> reporter: she works as a custodian at the airport run by the port of oakland. officials say some make as much as $90,000 a year with full benefits and the port canned afford that any longer
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and -- can't afford that any longer. and needs employees to contribute. >> that allow people to retire at 50 and receive paid medical care for them and their dependent the rest of their life. those many programs are no longer sustainable. >> they have plenty of money in reserve, plenty of surplus money to just say we tone want to give you any of that, -- to say we don't want to give you any of that >> we have 1.3 billion dollars in debt. >> reporter: the union is pleased with what it was able to achieve on the picket line today. >> we sent the message to the port if you don't take us seriously, we have the ability to shutdown the port. >> reporter: this the scene at the port of oakland all business shutdown. there is a picket line at the oakland airport, they are not impacting travel. they say they do not want to
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keep people from going on their holiday trip. they want to impact here where the port does eight million dollars worth of business everyday. they hope to hold the line all day. the port is hoping to get in worked out and everything open by the time the next shift comes in at 4:00. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. hundreds of bay area nurses have walked off the jobs for the second time in three weeks california nurses association says nurses are striking at eight hospitals operated by sutter health, and two san jose hospitals operated by hospital corporation of america they are holding rallies and picketing, over staffing levels, sick leave and other issues. here's a map of the hospitals affected: medical centers in oakland, berkeley, castro valley, san leandro, antioch, novato, vallejo and san jose. santa clara county supervisors reviewing the way officials use government credit cards after accusations
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of lavish spending. one is being investigated by the county district attorney. since 2009 he has spent more than $36,000 in taxpayer funds, more than 180 restaurant meals, flight upgrades to first class and payments at fancy las vegas establishments. he declared personal bankruptcy in march 2011. when it comes to public nudity san francisco may decide today it is too much to bear, sorry about that. the board is scheduled to vote in afternoon on an ordinance to ban nudity in most public places for anyone five or older. supporters say public nudity has gotten out of hand. critics say the ordinance goes too far infringing on freedom of expression. signs of progress in the mideast after days of deadly fighting the cease-fire that could be in the works between israel and gaza.
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new controversy for the voice of elmo. the new accuser who stepped for.
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. in the mideast news of a cease-fire could be announced shortly. u.s. is stepping up diplomatic efforts. deadly airstrikes and rocket attacks continue. t.j. winick reports. >> reporter: this morning an israeli man armed with an ax
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and knife stabbed a guard at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv the guard was wounded but fired off a few shots, security wrestled the man to the ground. president obama is sending secretary of state clinton to the mideast to help work out a cease-fire between israel and hamas in gaza. >> the united states does not engage directly with hamas. hamas has not met the conditions that we've set for many years to renounce terrorism to recognize israel's right to exist. >> reporter: tensions are fraying in gaza. israeli jets cratering over 100 targets, killing five, gaza militants blasted off over 60 rockets at israel. abc news was there as one family bolted to their bomb shelter as the sirens sounded. with columns of tanks massing on the gaza border, israeli cabinet is stepping back from the brink postponing a ground
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invasion, for now. warning only a long term cease-fire could avert a dreaded ground assault. >> if a long term solution can be put in place through diplomatic means, israel would be a willing partner to saoufp a solution. if stronger military action is necessary, israel will not hesitate to do what is necessary to defend our people. >> reporter: in addition to wanting all taxes on gaza to stop hamas wants israel to lift restrictions on trade and movement in and out of territory in place since hamas seized gaza in 2007. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. four men have been charged with plotting to join al-qaeda to commit violent jihad against americans. documents show a 34-year-old naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan is accused of recruiting three younger men living in los angeles, san bernardino and riverside
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county one served in the air force they were planning to unite in afghanistan while they plotted to kill americans and destroy u.s. targets overseas. if convicted, they face up to 15 years in prison. mike up ahead to talk about whether the short dry spell is permanent or in between rain. definitely had rain this morning in a few areas not all of us saw it not all of us will see rain out of this system. right now it is a little dry from this advantage point in emeryville towards san francisco. the most dangerous toys on store shelves, how to make sure they don't end up under
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sesame work -- workshop says elmo pup tear kevin clash has resigned. -- last week a man accused clash of having sex with him when he was a teenaged boy a
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charge clash denied. a day later the man recanted. sesame calling it a distraction that led to his decision to leave the show. before you start holiday shopping, you might want to check out this year's list of potentially dangerous toys. this morning 27th annual trouble in toyland report released a keychain rattle may be harmful to little ears. in the choking hazard is a bowling game. wait, i think i have that. the toy contains small parts that are easy to swallow in the toxic chemicals category, dora the explore backpack. for a complete list go to click on see it on tv. >> -- rain is on is way, right? >> absolutely we can always use more, more snow in the sierra that's what we are
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going to get south bay they missed out on this morning's measurable rain we did have sprinkles down there looking at san jose. vollmer peak just under the cloud deck almost like a blanket over top of us that we are peeking out underneath as we look down on the bath a few sprinkles may be falling out of that cloud as it rolls over vollmer peak this morning. up to the north bay coast from marin up to sonoma inverness, bodega bay, best radar returns, -- towards windsor, santa rosa just cloudy at this hour more impressive ban of rain to the north near ukiah where it is going to stay as it rotates north and east the rest of us are looking mainly cloudy, down towards ukiah, back end starting to dry up, another
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surge going to bring increase in rain this afternoon to the north bay, an inch mount st. helena, drops off, less than a 10th of an inch in napa, san francisco nothing else measurable south of that until you get to the mountains, just a couple hundreds of an inch there mild thanks to southerly wind, low to mid 60s, half moon bay 59, upper 50s to upper 60s monterey bay and inland. santa cruz, watsonville, gilroy upper 50s. today's steady rain to the north could be scattered light shower ahead of that. steady rain through all neighborhoods tonight tomorrow afternoon gone and stays away through the holiday weekend. here's a look at the area of low pressure, two, one cold front another weaker system behind it cooler wednesday
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night into thursday morning thick fog then. rain stays up around the northern sections of sonoma starting to tip towards san rafael by 5:00. as we head into the evening, drizzle will develop steadier rain will move into the bay at 10:00, through the heart of the bay while most of us are sleeping, waking up to the last vestiges of steady rain this south bay at 7:00, scattered showers through the morning, 1:00, 2:00, gone, cleaner, cooler air starts to move in fog wednesday night into thursday least amount of rain south bay. nearly 3/4 of an anyone's the north bay, greatest rain is going to fall in the higher elevations of sonoma county, up to two inches. sierra winter weather advisory above 7,000 feet, four to eight inches of new snow. south winds 50 miles per hour.
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be careful if you are headed that way. 60s for the most part once we get past the rain tomorrow, we warm to near 70 in a few spots, friday and saturday before middle 60s sunday and monday. from about 5:00 tonight through 5:00 tomorrow morning our best chance of rain from north to south across the bay. >> thanks for the warning. just ahead, "good morning america" robin roberts recovering. >> we will hear from robin with an update on her condition.
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coming up on katie, bill and juliana ran sick. at 4:00, -- new documentary now claims a convicted serial killer murdered o.j. simpson's ex-wife and her friend. at 5, the big problem with the tweet oprah sent from her ipad about one of the items on her favorite things list. update on robin roberts. she is recovering from a bone marrow transplant. >> it is not a nay goes like this it is a journey that -- zigzags and there are complications and things like that. but i feel good. i feel stronger everyday.
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>> she looks fantastic. robin sat down with her sister sally ann, also her bone marrow donor to talk about her road to recovery. hopes she gets back to work quickly. thanks for joining us today on abc7 news. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> check out our new alarm clock app. download it for
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